Men’s Fashion Week; James Long

KIM Traveling outside the comfort zone here! Okay a bit dramatic I have no problem getting with other genres. Ready set go! I sat, and went through the James Long collection, picking out my favorite looks! I found four that I actually really really liked surprising right? Not the least bit James always does something that catches my eye, and with this new position of mine it’s pushing me to take a step back from all my “Togetherness” is that a word?KIM2 Out of these four looks, my favorite look would have to be the third one. I’m not sure exactly why it just flows all so well to me. Piece by piece, even the model’s hair, but I think my luxurious hair would suffice ! I got it! It looks like a painting class gone wrong, but wrong in a good way referencing the shorts here.. Keep up Keep Up! There’s this master piece of aluminum foil jacket to our “Right” come on Tin Foil !