Men’s Fashion Week; Christopher Kane

CK Kane loves those outlines doesn’t he? We saw what Kane did for the women back in February from the nylon to the black to the fur! Yeah well I was waiting to see what he was going to do for us men, and he did not disappoint me! Everything just seems so perfect, and placed together just right! I mean I love perfection, and these clothes are perfect. Structure I adore, and when designers actually put structure into their clothing I tend to adore them! To me, it makes sense when you can feel how expensive the clothing is! When people can look at or touch your garments and know that you paid $500 for this sweatshirt.CK2
Spring is coming through this season! The designers have milked their crayon boxes or their fancy color pencils for this artwork. I love the giant rolled up cuff on the third model “Red pants” something about that, and how their paired so many extreme colors together, all while styling it perfectly.


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