Mens Fashion Week; Burberry’s Color Explosion

photo 1 Thanks to Christopher Bailey, Fashion week has exploded with color! Over in London town where things are almost always gloomy there was a show going on in the mist of town! A show by the legendary brand of Burberry. As I was getting ready for work this morning 6.17.14 I was trying to watch the Burberry show via didn’t quite catch it being that I was focused on my look, but I did however manage to download the entire lookbook to my phone, and pick through the photos on my way down to work! This collection featured all things travel made convenient for the stylish man who likes to travel or for the man who wants to travel in style? photo 2Are you the next pioneer? Are you traveling through the desert or through the backwards of a jungle? I know you wondering why I only picked six photos when the collection was so vast. Well I needed to buckle down, and make a decision these are my favorite looks from the collection. I want them all. I need them all It’s all so perfect for me! I know this is Burberry’s Spring Collection, but with all the layering, coats, and hats this would definitely be perfect for New York in the Winter! I’ll sign up for the next expedition if these are the clothes that I will be wearing.