In My Tommy John’s

TommyJohn NSFW! Parental Controls Children!

I can’t hardly explain to you all how much I appreciate this Brand! I literally wore my new under garments to work the other day, and I felt nothing, and that felt amazing! Literally forgot I even had anything on under my clothes! Let me give you the run down on Tommy John.Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 9.18.43 PM Tommy’s offering pieces made of breathable, lightweight fabrics like seersucker, linen, cotton and mesh. I’m the type of guy who needs a undershirt. I get hot easily, and then I start sweating through my shirt “EW” there’s my imperfection for you! Ha Moving on.
I can never leave the house with an undershirt or my good underwear; wait hold on all my underwear is good. The best thing about this shirt is that I felt no kind of sweat or moisture on my body while wearing it or when I took it off. It kept me cool all day.

The underwear! Oh the underwear! I love briefs, but some briefs rise up, and make me really under comfortable throughout the day. I absolutely hate that feeling especially when I need to fix myself in public.Tommyjohn3Tommyjohn2
Tom Patterson, founder & CEO of men’s fashion brand Tommy John started Tommy John because he was frustrated with how hot, uncomfortable and ill fitting his undershirts made him feel. Tom designed and manufactured an undershirt that never comes untucked, keeps you cool and lasts longer than the average cotton undershirt and has taken that same attention to fit, function and design to underwear and, now, liner socks.

I haven’t tried the socks out yet, but those are next! Shop Here

4 responses to “In My Tommy John’s

  1. you definitely fooled up this time thought I was coming to see the goods, then again I have no clue why i thought that. love the parental advisory sign

  2. we can’t focus on the article with this photos lol, but no I totally understand the sweating and all of that my ex had the same issue

  3. I like that name Tommy John.. but man I have the same sweating problem totally hate it. they look like they fit great “briefs”

  4. Oh this is such a good look.. Showing what’s hiding under those layers! The underwear do fit great

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