The Bags of MATT & NAT

Matt&Nat1 Here’s how I was introduced to Matt & Nat. One Saturday evening in Urban Outfitters here in the city I bumped into a girl “Not literally bumped, but you get it” back to what I was saying I bumped into a girl, and we chatted about these shoes “high heels” she was looking at. We got to talking about that shoe, and then I pointed out another shoe that I really liked in the shoe section for the ladies! Here comes the climax aha, suddenly I saw here backpack, and I was in awwwwwwwwwwww I was like omg where’d you get this from? From the look of it I automatically thought Rag&Bone, but I read closer, and it said Matt & Nat, and I was like I haven’t heard of this Brand, that’s when I found out it was a Canadian Brand; I asked her the price in my head I’m Like “here comes the number 500“, but to my surprise she said it was only $120! Matt&Nat2 Yes you read right, these bags are only $120, and the bigger size goes up to $155! Look we just robbed the retail industry! Why can’t America get with these prices? I wish this bag came in RED, oh how I would really love that “Hey Matt, introduced that color next” I Need it!

Well obviously the bag above doesn’t come in the color red, but I was happy to find out that they did have some products that came in the color red, and it’s something special just for my Mini iPad! Yup Get into it, and if you don’t have a mini, and you have the regular sized iPad you’re in luck, because they have it in Red for those versions as well.Matt&Nat3

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