Either Behind Or In Front Of The “TOPMAN”

top1 Yes I Know TopMan’s Spring 2015 Collection just made its debut to the world, but I’m still dying for TopMan’s Fall 2013 Collection.. Drools I Never Saw any of it in person, and I live in NYC so that’s a problem for me. Okay here’s the real reason, I’m yet preparing for my winter attire, then again I was preparing for that right after Winter ended, wait wait!! I’m actually always preparing for Winter.. Summer is cool & all, but yeah The Life Of Fashion right here! No need for me to even critique this collection, for this collection was amazing, and this crop was in way before Kid Cudi at Coachella !Top2 I’m having a Moment “Que Mariah Carey” This is a moment of overload! Picture It! Rashad taking NYC By Storm During The Gloomy Days of The Winter in all these bright colors, I can see it! How am I going to recreate these looks? Being that this collection will be a year old I’m sure I won’t find it, unless I end up at Beacon’s Closet one day, and some of this just so happens to be in there, which I highly doubt! Top3 Tell me you can’t see me in all of these looks, and then tap yourself, and say huh! Then say SELF, YOU JUST LIED!


4 responses to “Either Behind Or In Front Of The “TOPMAN”

  1. I remember when this came out and I wanted every piece unfortunately my bank account isn’t set up for that, but this was truly a master piece of a collection

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