The Perfect World Cup Gear

Olá, Hola, Hallo, Hello!!! Just a quick vocabulary lesson for all of you. Never say I didn’t teach you anything. The World Cup has arrived; kicking off today June 12th, 2014. Here’s you chance to brag, show off, and support you time in the most convenient way. SAXX Is here to supply you with the best underwear your team could want.625x625xWF11-1024x1024.jpg.pagespeed.ic.8gjFWW2LQ5 Featuring a spectacular engineered viscose material, that’s going keep you cool and comfortable during any physical activity you involve yourself in. Every pair of SAXX features a combination of technology and innovation that makes them super comfortable. Different sections of this underwear was specifically crafted to keep away unwanted manly gestures. You know the grabbing of your you know what in public, because you’re uncomfortable, and need a quick fix. SAXX have also incorporated mesh panels to keep air flowing throughout, keeping you fresh!612x612xWF7.jpg.pagespeed.ic.Taw4q7Xiqx Face it! It’s summer time, and the heat is kicking up! See what I did there? If not, you’ll catch it later. As I was saying, it’s only going to get hotter as June finishes, July Starts, and August approaches. In each pair of SAXX there is a moisture wicking waistband that keeps you DRY! 625x625xWF3-1024x1024.jpg.pagespeed.ic.R31yu_d7nj Who know underwear was so technical, then again do you have those days when you’re sitting down, and critiquing your underwear wishing it was made like this or like that? I’m sure we’ve all have those days or maybe you have them everyday because all your underwear sucks? SAXX Is your new friend, and if you’re Watching the World Cup! Get these ready, because If you’re turning the World Cup into weekend events, and it involves a pool or a match up with your buddies.. I’m sure a shirt or two will come off, and they’ll envy you because they don’t have team-related underwear! Thank Me Later!625x625xWF5-1024x1024.jpg.pagespeed.ic.CvJTy8o675 Shop SAXX Here