Cremieux Lands In NYC

From Paris to New York Cremieux offers polos plus more! Okay Okay! That was corny, but it got your attention huh? Well Gents & Our Fair Ladies, I’m here to introduce you to a Brand you may or may not be too familiar with, but if you’re a avid Dillard’s shopper then this Brand has been in your department store since 2000, and if you haven’t seen it; yet well I’m here to tell you that you’re aren’t shopping in the right section!
pictureRender-1.phpCremieux was founded in 1976 by Daniel Cremieux, offering an impeccable style with superb fabrics. Bringing casual and chic to a city near you. We and by we I mean “Me” adore the IVY League, Rugby look, and I think this brand definitely offers you what one brand once was, but is no longer. I won’t speak their name, because this isn’t about them. Where was I? Oh Yes, I’ve always adored the Preppy look.. Once upon a time that was my signature style, let me take it back years ago to my high school career 05-09 oh god I’m showing my age.. wait I’m in my early twenties okay I’m good, but no really it’s a honor for me to be able to introduce you to a brand that is near and dear to myself.pictureRender-2.php Say it with me Preppy is Good “Repeat four times” ! No matter who you are, the genre of Preppy clothing gets you treated differently, and I always say “Dress how you want to be Treated” that saying will take you a long ways! I have my Cremieux polo, and no I haven’t worn it yet I’m still wondering what I’m going to pair it with? Shop Cremieux here