Hustle Hard

RJ 17th hustler known top ranker, Money go getter them clowns can’t figure, Poppin’ at the mouth like this cutter won’t split ’em, Know how to survive hustlin’ stayin’ fly. Check It, Check It! My Friday night went a little like this! Brace Yourself! The high-res might be a bit dangerous for someone who doesn’t understand! Prancing through the 212,,, clearing the streets in Gucci. Pay attention now! First off, Here’s my love bug, my friend Jizelle sitting next to moi! Wait It’s starting… Friends are being made, I’m about to take over the city formerly known as New York! IMG_4040 Partying at Maru Karaoke Lounge except no even though of Karaoke that night! Attending an Event hosted by fellow Men Of Nash…
Ernie & Zeddie! Maybe I’ll Invite You To The NEXT one. I said Maybe !! Here’s a Party, There’s a Party… Let’s all get wasted! Wait No I’ll Pass We Passed! Thanks For The Bottle of “TRUE” Vodka … Stay Tuned People my age producing their own Brands of Vodka out here! image Bang Bang! Slowly but surely becoming a silent movement. Isn’t it nice to sit around and let your EGO run wild in your head.. Right Now I’m Running around the Soho House in My Stubbs & Wootton Slippers Waiting On My Private Plan To Fly Me Out To The Hamptons This Weekend.. Yeah That’s What My Ego Is Currently Doing In My Head!image-1