Vince Presents.

IMG_3693 Fella’s the cats out the bag! Vince has finally released their new menswear shoe line, and it’s all I need & then some! Let’s get into the DETS. Ready? Rashad, yes; I attended Vince’s Private Menswear Preview this past week. Cutting to the chase! Approved. Approved. & Stamped!

A moment of truth provided by moi; I adore menswear it’s something about being a man, and going to stores or websites, and seeing amazing clothing. I take that to the heart, for the simple fact that the Fashion Industry doesn’t seem to care much about men. Okay. Okay, I get it! The women are the main factor when it comes to Fashion, but isn’t… that inequality, wait I won’t take it there. Just a joke relax!IMG_3697 The middle shoe is my favorite! I’m OBSESSED I am! I was so attached to this shoe, that I’m going to really need this in my closet this fall. It’s imperative that it makes it to my apartment in a box or bag! Wait! Pause. I really like every color here, I do but I got attached to that camel colored shoe when I picked it up, these shoes are a beauty, and that’s what this billion dollar industry is all aboutIMG_3684 In fact, I have to admit I have a sudden attraction to this sneaker as well. What’s happening to me? I’m changing, I’m getting a little street. Oh you know I’m Kidding! However you can never go wrong with black. This sneaker would actually go perfect with the a few of the leather pieces Vince has to offer this season from a leather jacket, to leather pants/trousers to a letter Jacket! Options they gave you.

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I’m a honest guy, and when I say I like something I mean it. I’m not bluffing and by now you guys should know that if you follow me on instagram @Hescockky aha plug! No this is the truth! I’m obsessed with the camel shoes I showcased gotta have those later this year!

Thanks to Saba & the rest of the time over at VINCE. I enjoyed myself, and the cupcakes! =D

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