MaleCritique Partners Up With Edge Shave Gel

DSC04947 What am I supposed to say? I’m more than grateful that we’ve been presented with such an opportunity! Moving on up in the world aren’t we? Pay attention this is going to go quick. Rashad get’s email, emails back & forth! Ended up here. Okay Okay it was way more than that, and I have more coming for you guys, but I can’t give you everything at once. Patience my child! DSC04943 First off, Let’s get a drink! Okay I’ll admit I was of course my normal self “I don’t drink”, and then the guy made a drink for, and I took a sip, and took that drink! It was nothing alcohol to be tasted! Forgive me father for I have sinned.. aha Kidding moving on.

A room full of media people, and I’m on the list! I’m watching amazing things happen with this site everyday from the boardroom to my room! Things are definitely heating up with MaleCritique. Enough Testimony! Not only has Edge Shave Gel Partnered up with, they currently have a contest going on!!! Grands Prizes are bananas! Info coming soon on that. photo We Love Food & When I say “We” I’m talking about me! Wait Wait! Here’s Rashad aka Me Pictured With Sports Illustrated Model Genevieve MortonIMG_3799 Funny Story! This Particular photo of us was taken on my iPhone, being that I had on Green Pants, and we were standing in front of a green screen. Talk about Invisible Rashad!