DSC04862 Hey Ms.DJAY!!! 8:31pm, and we walked up to the door! Name? Rashad from MaleCritique.com .. Okay go ahead! Stepped into a happening function! One thing I don’t too much care for at these events is that you don’t exactly know who to talk to! However I made a friend by the name of Laura she loved my cologne. Tom Ford “Black Orchid” just in case you where wondering! DSC04865 I’m the one random guy at the event who doesn’t want liquor, I know I know everyone always looks at me like what? Really? I’m sure they favor the guy who doesn’t free alcohol or they think I’m crazy either or. The Shoes! The Lights! Lets Light Up the Night Que “The Yes Ma’ams” DSC04867DSC04868 DSC04873Let me squeeze the fellas in Really quick! Here’s our selection Gentleman. I guess we all need a comfortable pair of kicks for these NYC streets huh? Full of life, and colors! I’m excited to see a guy where any of these so I can see how he paired them with his look.DSC04871
DSC04872 Tricky Shoes Huh! Talk about busy footwear, but that’s obviously what United Nude is known for. Nothing or no one is safe haha. Kidding I’m sure you down for the cause, I am; then again I’m a guy so it wouldn’t be the same challenge.DSC04876 These Limited Edition Nova Shoes are Retailing the small retail of $2000.DSC04879 The Web Hi Shoes retail for $699, but don’t let these numbers scare you away… There’s plenty of affordable shoes at the store or on the site.. take a gander http://www.unitednude.comphoto There I am! Enjoy Children!