The Preview Of Entree Lifestyle UNKNOWN Fall Collection

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Friday I pranced around the city with a friend of mine, fellow blogger Askia of I arrived to Entree Lifestyle’s preview at approx. 7:06pm. We walked in pass a wall full of images of the newest collection. The pieces that the models sported were actually my favorite pieces. I really adore the casual chic look! Think I’m Home or I’m Heading to Whole Foods in Sweats, but my Sweats Look More Expensive than your Last season Whatever!

Inspiration for the UNKNOWN Collection stems from Creative Director Mike Yeung. “I wanted to make sportswear that looks and feel high end – something that allowed me to mix textures like suede and 3M. I wanted to use quality fabrics like sheep skin leather – make clothes that are both suitable for jogging but also a fashion event after work,” he says.

I was pressed for time so I made my way around the Showroom capturing photos of the pieces that were on the floor that I enjoyed thee most.

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Entree Lifestyle was born in a small basement in Brooklyn, NY. What started out as two friends printing t-shirts and selling them out of the back of a truck, grew into a team of 5 guys, each with the same drive and a clear vision. From 2000-2005, the team struggled to make ends meet but never strayed from their dream. They faced rejection from hundreds of stores and buyers, but this only motivated them to push harder. Say Mom, I wish we would of had a basement in Florida, with sewing machines. I could have been Zara by now! Team work makes the dream work, and I know these guys sense nothing, but enjoyment to have all this positive feedback! Today, Entree is being sold in over 150 selected boutiques around the world.

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What’s great about UNKNOWN is their price range! Nothing is impossible. Nothings damages your bank account yet of course if you only have $100 in their then you might want to wait until your next payday. Priorities People!! It was sort of a Dine & Dash Moment for me. I left at 8pm! I had to be at another event by 9pm!photo