Givenchy Got All “TECH”nical

GivS Cardo went all technical on us! Oh y’all didn’t know I was on a Nickname Basis with him? Me either, but I am now. Says who? Says Me! For the outcast, I’m speaking of Riccardo Tisci! Yeah Kanye’s Bestie! Ring a bell? Moving on Givenchy has a lot of hype! So it’s like no matter what they produce it’s going to sell just because! So I’m here dissecting the latest releases. I like to wait for things to hit stores so if you’re interested it’s at your finger tips.. I can’t remember how I first felt when these garments hit the runway. I think I was like “hmmm okay I see what they did there”, but I came around, and now I’m loving it! Don’t fix your lips to call me a hype beast, sometimes it just takes me awhile to appreciate some things more than others, and I’m here for it.. Come around Come around! GivenchyB I Need All This.. Cardo If you’re listening! Send Me Gifts.. I’m In Need of These 5 Pieces.. I know You have Samples! Share with thee Kid! I Reside on Manhattan the city that never slumbers!


2 responses to “Givenchy Got All “TECH”nical

  1. I like a label just a much as the next person, but I feel like Givenchy is just taking prints a throwing it on a shirt and calling it fashion. I will admit I think it looks cool and to see it all place together would be a awesome frenzy. But are they really working hard to make a great product or are they just throwing things together ?

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