Son Jung Wan Market Day & E-Commerce Launch

IMG_1964 I’m Back! Sorry I’ve been under the weather since Wednesday night, and It finally seems to be letting up or so it seems! Anyhow back to business! Wednesday after I caught a train, and pranced over to 9th or 10th Avenue it was ! It was far just know that aha!

First off, Congratulations to you Son Jung Wan on launching your E-Commerce! That’s a big, and smart step in this digital world we live in today. While at Son’s market day I got to look closely at her Spring & Fall Collections for this year, and let’s just say girls get it all! Her spring collection was inspired by morocco, you can pretty much gather that from the colors, and fabrics; especially the garments with the sequin detailing!SJWSJW2 Everything pretty much shines bright within her spring collection, and the more I look at the more I start to think about how this is probably one of the best spring collections I’ve seen in person thus far! It offers a lot of fun, and flirty pieces! SJW6 Great statement pieces offered! Tons of them to be quite honest, with about 40 pieces to this collection the photos could go on, and on!
Now that’s How I separate Spring & Fall with an extravagant fur selection!

Now that’s How I separate Spring & Fall with an extravagant fur selection! Literally the first piece I saw When I walked into this preview, and I mean Literally!SJW3 This jacket actually goes great with your skin tone! One detail I kept discussing while I was being shown the collection was the use of fur, which I am all for! I love fur, and what it just does for a person when worn the correct way. You may have questions as to how come the fall collection has such light colors, well lets think early fall! September-ish!SJW4 Eye-Trick… The side of the dress that you think is the back is actually thee front! It got me too, but I won’t tell you which one is which, have some fun and figure it out!SJW5 Let’s Glam up the night with these pieces! Walking down the cobblestone in the Meatpacking District causing a scene, and blinding the taxi drivers!

I can’t say more than what I’ve said! This was a great day for me I had nothing that I did not like about either collections from Son Jung Wan, and that’s always great to be able to say! Best of luck with your E-Commerce, and may the orders flow in! Thanks So Much Dana for allowing me to stop by!