37 minutes with Bon-Ton “Ruff Hewn” Preview

IMG_2131 Elevator Doors open! Here comes Rashad! Meet Florence, and Chit Chatted really quick! Let’s take a look at Mens & Women’s! Ladies first of course! How Silly of me not to forget to snap more photos of the women’s line. I’m so ashamed as it was so good, but since I am limited on photo material for the women’s collection, at least you can spend more time staring at this amazing knit wear that is above! The colors, and fabric was so amazing, and what’s even better than amazing quality? Amazing quality with good pricing.IMG_2132 Don’t be so shaken just yet! I did manage to snap another photo which was of their new jewelry line! All the stones are real too, get into that, and the price point for the jewelry is definitely a gem! You don’t have to work about breaking the bank, unless you’re wanting to wear something new everyday.

Let’s Switch Genders for a minute! Now Ruff Hewn for men! I promise I didn’t take more pictures on purpose. I must’ve been side tracked!IMG_2133 Much love to menswear with a purpose! Since I do live in New York City now, and not Florida there’s definitely a new for this in my life! I in the mood for more Flannels this past winter too, just wasn’t in the mood to look for them; now I know though! Pretty much some of the best looking winter clothes with an everyday price point for everyday people. I appreciate this line of clothing very much, because I feel sometimes in Fashion we forget that not everyone can afford All saints or Alexander Wang! With that being said when good clothing is created, and given an easily attained price point I smile! IMG_2134 Just recently I’ve become a sweater type of guy! I’m ready to winter shop already! Yes I know as if it isn’t still cold here in the city!IMG_2135

Interested in learning the specific price points for this brand shop here http://www.bonton.com/sc2/shop/brands/ruff-hewn/