Breakfast With The Collins

IMG_1873 Breakfast on the Upper East took me to Little Collins! I was dining with Bella & Edward! I kid I Kid.. Sitting on Lexington Avenue! The place was quite easy to find. Walked in, and the place was crowded there was only one table available by the door, which was great for me, because as soon as I placed my belongings down another woman walked in. It was a two person table so she could’ve very well had asked to sit with moi, but she didn’t. IMG_1874IMG_1879IMG_1878 I placed my order “The Big Dill” I’ve been craving a Bagel with Lox! If I need to break that down. A Bagel with smoked salmon, with lettuce, red onion, tomato, capers! Omg Smacking my lips right now just thinking about it… Back to what I was saying I order the Big Dill sandwich because it’s a toasted sandwich with cured salmon, scrambled eggs, dill, mascarpone and chives.!! Such a perfect trade off, equal or better in taste, and less in price! Warning you’ll need some tooth paste or really really strong gum after you consume this sandwich unless you stay away from the chives..IMG_1854 Let me just show you the aftermath of my consumption IMG_1875 Yes I was browsing the very site you’re currently reading. I’m always trying to improve the site, and reviewing it always gives me new ideas on what I need to share with you all, so I can educated and entertain.

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