Barber Rituals

I practice a clean face. I have to keep this shaped up I look at my face when facial hair starts to grow in places I simply do not want hair to grow in right now, and that’s how I know it’s time to venture back to the barber.. I’m trying to back to back to get a cut every two weeks instead of every week !Barber I just want to go on record and say I think it’s very important that a man keeps himself shaped up, but in this day, and age style trumps everything, finances trumps everything, and some people just don’t see a haircut as a necessity so we’re all different I definitely get that so I won’t judge. It’s not like my opinion holds enormous weight.IMG_1812 I think I have personal barber, but don’t we all in a sense? Think about it! Once you find you a barber, and you stick to that person, and you see them 4 times a month or whenever need, that becomes your go to guy to fix you up for important dates, meetings, so on and so forth! I found this barbershop one day when I was walking through Harlem!barber2 Sharper I say I need Sharper! Always I Always Get Lined Up With The Clippers, and then the Razor as well I need my sharpness on my edge in Tact! Like You Need to see the line from a far.. that’s just a personal preference.. Some people can’t take a reason being placed on their skin, because it may be sensitive.. Know your skin Children!IMG_1820 Yeah I was Peeping I needed to make sure he was holding the camera the correct way! Wait till my hair gets dark in a day or two! Genetics !

Now wasn’t that entertaining! No really I recommend get a haircut on a Monday or Tuesday… SUNDAY if Possible So Get Cut on Sunday/Monday.. Get a shape up on Thursday just line up your edge, and Repeat. It’ll keep you well groomed throughout the whole week.

Flawlessdabarber Barbershop
405 w. 145th street