Afternoon Latte

IMG_1714 I’ve vowed to myself that I’d embark on a new adventure to try out different places around the city. I’ve become complacent with the same ol’ places I always dine it, but today I’ve Changed. First place Gasoline Alley Coffee.. Situated in NOHO.. If you aren’t playing close attention you’ll miss it. I Did! I had to cross the street, and walk down a bit. IMG_1715IMG_1716 Just a little restaurant view! It’s quite a small place only a few window seats available. I Recommend going there when you think everyone is at work. I’m sure the morning, and lunch crowd is a bit tense. IMG_1717IMG_1718 Enough of the Chit Chat. I enjoyed my dine & dash at the cozy place. Well I didn’t dash I paid for my meal, but did dine & dash, because I was in and out no lingering around!IMG_1690 I order a Dough Donut, and a Latte.. My Damage = $7.75. I wouldn’t call that expensive, but I’m sure there’s a cheaper gem somewhere in the city, but I’m not complaining I thoroughly enjoy my meal! I’ll be back for me guys!

Gasoline Alley Coffee
325 Lafayette Street, NY