The Smoke Joint

DSC04721All up in Fort Greene.. Fort Hmm I May Need A Twilight Marathon… Anyhow No Vampires in Brooklyn or Is Eddie Murphy Still Around? The Smoke Joint! Yes I know I was Like What Why Are We Going Here.. I don’t smoke, and then they said BBQ, and I wasn’t feeling that either until we stepped inside and I Saw the menu, felt the Vibe &. Ambience of the place! I was sold! I was already deciding what I wanted to eat, but there was a 35 minute wait!! Skipping a long story I put our name on the list we left and checked out restaurants but I think we were all pretty sold on eating here so we ended up back with oh only 25mins left.. How quickly that went by.. DSC04724Moving on as we waited I was viewing all the different dishes that were passing me by as I was standing at the counter … Countless plates were placed in front of me,DSC04727DSC04729 and I couldn’t help but want everything!!! Like Everything .. Pulled Pork or the Fish? That was my first thought then I sat down and order the Brooklyn Wings & The Tiger Woods Drink!! You’ll get that when you dine there and look at the ingredients! IMG_1128Accompanied with friends old & Brand new!! We Sat, We Dine, && oh And I know where I want to live once my incomes rises! I was just in love with this area of Fort Greene little restaurants everywhere! DSC04731Here’s an interesting story.. I was standing there gazing at the menu, and I heard out of my right ear “did you go to Morehouse” … And I looked and laughed and responded with no “no I attended FAMU, but I was always at Morehouse.. I asked her if “Did you go to Spelman”.. Yes blah blah blah.” I really regret not transferring to Morehouse once i got accepted!
Moving on 4 of us ate && the Bill was on $46 & some change!! Plus we all gave tips!! Loved this place I’m going back I have to try the fish next time!

87 S Elliott Pl, New York, NY 11217
(718) 797-1011