Brooklyn Circus x ArtComesFirst ..Pop Up Event

photo…Journeyed to Brooklyn to attend the Brooklyn Circus x ArtComesFirst Pop Up Event. Walking down Nevins with my Shades on…. 7 O’clock Darkness your boy was on a mission It was already an hour into the event… Walked up with John & Toneé… My Instant reaction! All these beautiful African American and do I add well dressed people in one area! Opens Door! Crowded!!! Scuse Me Scuse Me !!! I’ve only been to the Brooklyn Circus once, and the last time I went it was more than enough room for me to walk around. I honestly adore the Black Ivy League look!!! Something I always wanted to get into.. I was doing that with Ralph Lauren, and then his Rugby line was dismissed! Back to BK! The Networking started immediately! My attention was stole by the bags & shoes displayed throughout the establishment oh yea I still need one of those letterman jackets… Make me official BKC ..
IMG_1148IMG_1149 The Shoes!!! Yes The Shoes!IMG_1198….Besides the norm… I ran into Alexander Nash himself that man is so friendly and he remembered me that was definitely a good feeling!
IMG_1136IMG_1138 We didn’t stay too long! It really was a crowded event which is a great feeling, and it isn’t even my store nor clothing line, but to see such a positive turn out was great, but then again I expected that… Brooklyn Circus has a huge following I’ve known about them since for years & I do mean years I can’t pin point the exact year, but I’m thinking 2009 is when I first found out about them… back when I was a freshman in college back in Florida! Enough of me!! Loved This Event.. I think I Was the only guy in the building without a beard, and if I wasn’t it was few of us! IMG_1123
I can’t possibly leave you all without Showing off Perry Perry’s Bag!! Aha Andre I want your bag for real I always checked online to see what they had, but the Red bag isn’t online!!Andre The Dun DunDSC04715

150 Nevins St, Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 858-0919