Dior at Bergdorf’s

Yes I know Late! I’ve been grieving trying to get my life together! Blah Enough of that last week I attended Dior’s Press Event at Bergdorf’s Goodman. I’m going to let the collection speak for itself! I really appreciate the use of different fabrics, and the look of everything, especially these black pumps with this patchwork! Love itDiorB2Pastels Pastels Pastels Darling! No, but If I were a girl this peach colored shirt would be a must in my closet! Hold on Dior!! I’m Building CreditDiorB3 Joanna Hillman was seen at this event decked out in head to toe Dior!! Look to your left yes this photo above, and this sit was the floral on the back she was rocking throughout the whole event just looking amazing! DiorB4 Now I wasn’t Going To Do It!! But I Said To Myself Go Ahead… Take A Chance.. Post a photo of yourselfIMG_0874