A Patricia Fields Private Event! “FlashBack To NYFW September 2013”

A room full of Fashion. A room full of people in their Twenties. Patricia Fields hosted a Private event at her store in Noho, and of course MaleCritique was invited. You know what John & I are “almost” friends with Patricia “she said she loves seeing us, and can’t forget us”. That’s inspiring for such a huge designer to actually know who you are. This event took place Thursday after noon starting at 4pm, Of course we weren’t on time, but lets blame that on MTA okay.

The Style inside this event was major! Talk about being dressed for the occassion unfortunately I wasn’t. I stuck to myself this time around I didn’t have enough time for a wardrobe change, but that’s alright, that’s okay they loved us anyhow! DSC03500The employees at Patricia Field’s store are all so Vibrant that it makes you have a good time. This Store was a “In Living Color Moment” The Music was too live! The DJ really knew what she was doing, because even I danced a little bit. DSC03507DSC03506DSC03504DSC03498The clothing in the store is a bit out there, 95% not for the conservative. Electric Feel to all this clothing. Think Madonna/Lady Gaga! That’s what you should expect. Rewind! First off the Store is huge I wasn’t expecting two floors, so that took me by surprise! DSC03501Patricia & John!
DSC03497The FaceDSC03495DSC03494
His Suit For The WIN! Go You Ariel DSC03492
Leo!!DSC03490DSC03502DSC03509RPJ Told You She Loved Us. That’s All