The Ladies Of MERCURA NYC!

Gather ’round children, zip it, listen! Rashad is here to introduce you to MERCURA! The Legends of Sunglasses! A history lesson is in session! Take this as a blessin’ but don’t let me catch ya textin’. Enough! The Lovely Ladies Of MERCURA allowed yours truly into their Showroom. I had no idea what I was in for before I walked through the doors of MERCURA! Talk about Inventory overload, these women have a collection so vast that it’s hard to imagine how they remember everything, but when you make everything “Handmade” I guess there’s no way you can forget what you put so much into. DSC02839
Rachel Cohen-Lunning and Merrilee Lichtenstein Cohen work together as MERCURA NYC. Together they’ve been designing metal body sculptures and art at the Hotel Chelsea since the mid 1970’s. I sat down with Merrilee for almost two hours going through decades of history, and different era’s of Shades! When they say history repeats itself; they mean it or was it a copy & paste? It’s true big companies have been copying these ladies for years! I asked if they were flattered by the copy cats, not so much; but when you have Mega-Stars such as Elton John, Madonna, Lady Gaga, & Rihanna wearing your Shades you can’t help, but laugh at those who copy or at least I would! I told her you should feel good that they stars come to you especially on a personal note.DSC02837
Glitz & Glamour Right? I made it clear that next time there’s a themed event I know where to pull from for a pair of glasses. I’ll be somebody soon! “Speaks into Existence” Enough! This isn’t about me. These are the sweetest ladies I’ve encountered in New York thus far! Watching Merrilee eyes grow as she speak about who, what, when & where their craft was worn or showcased in various editorials showed me how passionate one has to be, to be able to stay around for years! Their Inspiration? An antique store their parents ran!DSC02848

Hey Ri Ri!! Yo Rihanna! I touched the glasses you wore!DSC02840

Ok Ok! I won’t keep you since the bell has rung, but darlings! Feel free to take a peak through their showroom on me! & I didn’t even charge you. See I’m Nice





Special Thanks To The Ladies Over At MERCURA! I Really Appreciate you two allowing me into your Showroom!

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