JOWZAY the singer, songwriter, musician, & music producer

1236576_570800782980996_1234652513_n You run into the most Talented People In The Subway! I was out with a friend shopping… Really I was searching for an iPad case; after that rather tiring adventure we planned a trip to SPICE.. My Favorite Thai restaurant here in the City.. Which led us to the 6th train going uptown from where we were at. I actually wasn’t expecting to hear or see any subway entertainment that day.. I’m not sure why I guess I should always expect that living here, and all..Moving on I happened to walk pass this young man as he was singing, and playing his guitar all at the same time. To my surprise though he was actually really good, and the crowd actually took a liking too him. Purchasing his CD, and giving donations! Unfortunately I rarely carry cash on my so I lost the opportunity to support this guy, but I did take his card as I knew I wanted to feature him on our site! 1461263_623935624334178_818846155_n You all know how I am I only feature the Best.. The Best in my eyes anyhow, and hey JOWZAY! You made it my friend. I feel bad I actually didn’t even converse with him, but I didn’t want to interrupt his set as he was trying to perform, and my train had arrived! Good Luck With All your future endeavors Man

Press Play! This is a song that needs to be heard! Here I am listening to it on Repeat! If you want to learn more about JOWZAY Find him on Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud, Twitter @JOWZAY & on Instagram @JOWZAY1

&& A Live Performance So You Can Really Understand What I’m Saying..