IMG_0533 You know I just finished College not too long ago, but I hardly Party on Week Nights, Okay! I Lied.. It isn’t a everyday thing though.! Here I was preparing myself for a Feast at iHop!! Yes I said, iHop It was Free Pancake day How could I possibly pass that up!? Anyhow I was invited by a guy name Marquis Phifer to his event of the night at the FINALE Night Club on Bowery In Downtown Manhattan! && The Rest Of The Story Is History The Photos Shall Tell You Everything Else You Need To Know!! Enjoy IMG_0515DSC04677IMG_0517IMG_0572IMG_0524IMG_0575DSC04693IMG_0573IMG_0571DSC04697
That’s All!! Thanks For The Invite Marquis!

199 Bowery, New York, NY 10002
(212) 980-3011