Sailor Browne

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 6.14.56 PMLet’s Skip Memorial & That Day Of Independence.. It’s Time To Display This Before All The Tacky Appears on our Facebooks, Instagrams, and Twitters!! This Long sleeve Color-blocked blazer definitely makes a statement. Want Attention In the City of Dreams!! Here’s your chance ! If you’ve been paying attention throughout all of my social media outlets, then you know I love Thom Browne! Actually I need a word that’s stronger than love, because that’s an understatement. If I were a celebrity he’d definitely be my go to designer for all my appearances. I know talk about breaking the bank right? Back to the blazer. This blazer features Jacquard nautical pattern throughout, Wide notch lapel in white with red and navy color blocked trim, and loads of other features that you cannot see from this photo! SailorBrowne
I couldn’t just showcase the product to you without showing you how I would wear it.. Of course I left out a few items like Socks!! Honestly I would Actually Skip The Socks With this look, but if you can’t get jiggy with that them feel free to add your own socks!! Tie Clip is a must! Let’s Dress it up with some silver Bracelet shall we? I Just had an Epiphany, Let’s Call Up Tiffany’s