Grooming 1o1

Why not take you within my life, and to the barbershop with moi? Fortunately for some you may not need to frequent the barbershop as much as I do, and unfortunately for others you made have to make more trips than I. I’m not sure what has happened with my hair within the last nine months, but it seems to grow a hell of a lot faster now than it did 9 months ago when I was in my last semester of College. I’m not sure if it’s the stress of living in New York City or what, but I only needed to visit the barber once a week, now I’m there twice a week weird.

I don’t know when this started happening exactly sometime between 11th Grade & Junior yr. in college, but I’ve really been about always making sure my hair is cut, my line is perfect, and that my hair stays down, and straight all day. It’s sort of a routine with me. I know how I like to look, and it’s a necessity it’s not so much for other people, but when you feel good you do good. Right? The days I’m scruffy with unwanted hair on my face, or head I just feel incomplete or washed up. Anyhow I use a few different products on my hair every morning yeah I end up washing it out just about every night depending on the amount used, but hey it’s one of those things in life I just have to do. I’ll introduce you to the products I use later.

If you live in New York City, and more ideally the Island of Manhattan then you should definitely visit this Barbershop
405 west 145th street
New York City, NY
(888) 260-1562 [That’s the actually number]

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