Who Is Luke James?

Allow me to introduce you all to the new face of R&B, Neo Soul, and Hip Hop Soul. Sir James! Hailing from New Orleans; James began his musical career singing background for R&B artist Tyrese and later writing songs for Chris Brown, Britney Spears, Keri Hilson and Justin Bieber. Quite an accomplishment for such a new face right! I always say once you make it into GQ Magazine, you’re obviously on your way to being someone if you aren’t already, and Luke was Featured in February’s Issue of GQ Magazine [Katy Perry Cover] with a little Q&A Segment. I Honestly don’t have to talk too much about Luke, because I can let him give you the 411 on his life & Inspiration for his music. Press Play These 3 minutes I’m sure will turn you into a fan.

Seems Like a pretty cool guy huh? Well I met Luke back in September of 2013 during NYFW at this Samantha Black Event, and I took a photo with him, and got him on video a bit. I’m sure he doesn’t remember that, but that was my first encounter with Mr.James, and he seems really down to earth I have photographic evidence if needed aha. Sir James is definitely on his way, and when you have Beyoncé herself calling you pure talent, that definitely increases your longevity. Early I mentioned Luke was Featured in GQ Magazine, and here’s a behind the scenes video of his shoot.

Zenith Watches: Luke James from GQ Report on Vimeo.

I wonder how I would be in a photo shoot with some big magazine publication. Like what faces would I make? Note to self: Practice your faces in the Mirror Rashad! Well that LADIES & Gentlemen is Luke Wolf James .. I think he has an infatuation with Wolves. Follow Luke On Twitter @WhoisLukeJames, and on Instagram @WolfJames

Before I Go Here’s a List of My Favorite Songs From Sir Luke. Signs of Rain, Hurt Me, Make Love To Me, Oh God, I Want You, I.O.U, Mo’ Better Blues and STRAWBERRY VAPORS