Product Report; Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

$(KGrHqV,!l8E8(C6O,6SBPg0b9E0IQ~~60_57 Okay I may have an addiction. I’ve always seen this bottle when I’m in Sephora or you know whatever story that carries Cologne, but I never paid much attention; I Was like I can’t get into this bottle so I’m not even going to waste my time smelling the fragrance. See that’s where I messed up at, it wasn’t until a friend of mine named Solomon bought this Fragrance up in conversation that I started paying it any attention. I was flipping through a issue of GQ Magazine one day, and you know how they have the slips of scents throughout the magazines, long behold this Blue Bootle! Amazingness
! Would I lie to you? Of Course not! This is next on my list.. Let’s see there’s this, that, that too, also this, and now Jean Paul Gaultier.. Thanks Paul! This Fragrance retails from $50-$110 depending on the size of the bottle you want! Invest! If you want a quick link shop here.. Almost all sold out too