The Jean Of Buffalo

3422_1I must admit I’ve never tried on a pair of these jeans, but I’m here to inform & supply! As I was flipping through Nylon Guys March 2014 Issue. I came across an ad of Ryan Lewis in a Buffalo Jean Ad. This sent me straight to Google; I asked myself Buffalo Jeans.. Where Have I been and how long has this Brand been around. You think you know it all until your flipping through a magazine full of labels! Buffalo I must admit I adore how Buffalo Jeans has their site set up. Denim by Fit! oh That’s perfect. Now If they could just get a denim by fit & Wash! Perf Right? I’m much more of a dark wash kind of guy, but I will admit I’ve had my recent days of let’s throw on a light wash, for some reason they feel a bit more free. You feel relaxed when you put on a pair of light wash jeans or is that just me?Buffalo1 I might head over to 1441 Broadway, and check this store out.. You Know Try on a pair, and see if I walk out with them. If you’re not located in NYC.. There is always the site