Sophie Theallet Fall 2014

Sophie Being that I sat you know Front Row at this show, I definitely got to get into this collection, but that’s not even the closest I’ve been. I frequent the Sophie studio in my line of work, and I went through the Collection with Sophie Herself. Sophie2 Although I wasn’t wowed by this collection I certainly didn’t expect a Alexander McQueen look-a-like piece to come strutting down the runway. The Gowns However are definitely Sophie’s Niche. I loved all the gowns that were shown! Especially how long they were, and the deep v’s that were featured in the gowns made them all the more special! Sophie3 Sidebar I think the star of this show was Andre Leon Talley… Legendary ehh! Moving on ! I think this silk dress was the winner I may have to check my show footage to see if there is a runner-up but for now!! This Elegant Silk Dress Wins!Sophie4 I definitely Applaud Sophie though, and I’m so ecstatic that I have new clothes to work with!! Celebrities Love These Gowns, and like I said.. I loved the Fall Collection!! For Me Fall is more fun!!


4 responses to “Sophie Theallet Fall 2014

  1. I definitely like the last two gowns. I love your approach with this collection you took it for what it was and didn’t expect the grand collections from the designers overseas. Very modest I like that

  2. My mother would definitely like the last two gowns.. the dramatics of the third with all the glitte and then the Elegance of the 4th

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