EN NOIR Fall 2014

ENNoir3 I must admit! Even though I was there at this show I didn’t get a good look at the clothing. I just think I was baffled by how unorganized everything at the door was! Not having seating for people. The lines were out of control so on & so forth. Anyhow I was so thrown off that I was paying attention enough to get the full effect, but I must admit after viewing these photos on WWD through the likes of a professional Camera. I’ve Definitely had a huge change of heart. En Noir’s FW 2014 runway offered an all black collection “mainly”. The Sheen & `Fur touches on varsity jackets and coats definitely falls in line with the Trends of today. ENNoir You know what I hate the word “Trend” Like Ugh! But if it must be used!ENNoir4 Forgive me for the blurred photos. I was in a state of annoyance, and panic! Video footage will follow shortly, and then you can dissect the looks for yourself, but in the mean time let me provide you with Clear photos! ENNOIR11ENNOIR12
Images Courtesy of WWD.com || Collaged By Me!


9 responses to “EN NOIR Fall 2014

  1. Ok I was at this location too, and I ended up leaving the lines were so unorganized I just couldn’t take it. glad you stuck it out though

  2. this man be weird but i like your blurred photos.. lets us know you actually attended,and that your feelings are genuine and aren’t made up from outer space

  3. I heard about the unorganization, but they definitely made up for it with their line up of the Celebrities, and front Row! they had so many people what a great PR Time they have. I noticed you didn’t address that.. how amazing of you.. focusing on the collection instead of the who who

  4. I appreciate this review I was at this show.. saw you talking to June Ambrose and her assistants.. y’all must be cool or something anyhow getting in the show was madness, but they did make up for it. the four looks you picked out. I really like the.. those jackets are ill

  5. Way to keep it classy. But yeah I really liked the collection, but I’m big on this leather look. So maybe that’s why I love it, but I know you love black so I’m sure you enjoyed it too

  6. I really like reading through a post that can make men and women think.
    Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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