Hand Me My Rag & That Bone!! || RAG&BONE Fall 2014 RTW

IMG_9706 Before I start off! I just want to address your attention to my friends in the front row. Anna Wintour & Grace Coddington!! Moving On! IMG_9645 Paint-spattered denim. Cargo pants. Lumberjack check, name-embroidered jackets, pinstripe tailoring and perhaps Cosby sweaters? Take it in Take it all in! I was there working the Rag&Bone Show! I was honestly trying to pay attention, but it was hard
focusing knowing I was an arm length away from Anna Wintour! I’ve had my moment, and will never forget it! As I was at the show I really wanted to speak with the Designers, but its sort of hard to stay professional, set up, and not piss anyone off, by speaking with the Designers so I decided I’d like to keep my job. IMG_9654 I must admit the mixing of patterns, and paint splattered pants was something I was not expecting. The styling of these looks made sense they did I was like hmm that goes together so nicely, but would it look the same out on the street? Maybe in New York, but what about in Bradenton, Fl? Heard of It? Me Either! RB3RB1 I included the white look twice I’m sure you didn’t get a good look at it, because I barely did!RBThis collection offered a lot of great pieces. Mohair check hoodie? Baggy cream-colored paint-spattered jeans & Baggy knee-high boots in red!DSC04484DSC04488DSC04486 I’m done I can’t contained myself, but I have to… I know you all want footage, and here it is.