Thom Browne Dresses Me For Fashion Week

T1 In My head Thom Browne Will be Dressing me for Fashion Week, Secondly We’re Friends, and Thirdly I work For Him! I mean I’ve already met him in Person at Saks!! Epic! T2 Do we honestly expect anything less from Thom Browne? He’s like the Tim Burton of the Fashion World! Bringing all hope to those men in Fashion who CRAVE equality in their clothing. We Want that same “OMG That is amazing” reaction that women get when they wear Alexander McQueen, and Balmain.! Browne worked with Stephen Jones who created a stunning set of headgear to represent the animal kingdom, from a helmet with frog’s eyes to a bear head holding a fish in its mouth, to a huge elephant mask! Make Sure you Peep That Elephant Mask.T5 You it would be amazing to interview Thom Browne, and even more amazing for my show request to get approved for this upcoming Fashion Week!! Yes Thom Browne Team I Requested! Approve Moi! Email me back at I’m Waiting.T4 I can’t stress enough how much I love Thom Browne like his aesthetic is amazing.. I know I keep using amazing let me switch that to something more grand. Thom Browne is phenomenal, and that might be an understatement. The assortment of looks are giving me so many ideas! Inspire me this season! Jesus I’m asking you for a lump sum so I can purchase my Thom Browne Gear, and Own the Streets of New York City.T3 I Love how you can see the stitching on the outside of the clothing! Love that look of things being hand stitched. The different patterns on tweed ,and so forth ! T6 I Couldn’t Not Address The Ringling Brothers Looks! Kidding! Circus Wear Walking Down Soho! Or Should We Shoot Over to Fifth Ave With The Tourist? No Maybe Meat Packing For a Light Night Event! Whatever, Whenever! Someone Needs To Do It! I’ll Be Your Brand Embassador If that’s what you’re needing Mr.Browne! T7