A Walk From BK

Since I Was Without Alice “My MacBook” It Gave Me A Sense Of Freedom To Go Out, and Explore New York City With My New Found Free Time! Since I’ve Moved To New York I Hadn’t Walked The Brooklyn Bridge. I did Back In February, but I Felt I Needed To Go Back Down There, and Take A Walk! Living In New York City.. You Get So Caught Up With This Event, That Event, Work.. So Forth & So On That You Or Maybe Just I Got Caught Up In Getting Enough Sleep, and Not Letting Myself Run Wild! IMG_7654 It Was Freezing Out & I Do Mean Freezing.. Mainly My Hands, Because I Was Enduring The Cold Weather For My Look!! You Know How That Goes Aha!IMG_7605 Along With Me For My Day Trip Was My Friend RaymondIMG_7622.. I Must Admit I Felt Like a Tourist. All Hype, and Excited To Take Pictures.IMG_7640 My Trip Didn’t end right there. I ended up playing in snow on Wall Street! Putting My Boots To Work!