Instead Of Work, It Became Play

IMG_7321 I’ve Just Returned from a Weekend in Baltimore, Maryland. A great weekend If I Must say so myself! It Snowed There A lot, so much that I was delayed twice talk about welcoming me to the North! Anyhow I woke up Tuesday morning looked out my window, and it was snowing! I was deprived in Life, being from Florida and all of that so I definitely get excited for the snow do I have enough winter clothes? Probably Not, but I’m going to make this work! I know this all comes as a gift to you all especially those who say I don’t post enough of my life anymore I’m sorry! All my camera people are back in Florida. IMG_7331 Now I couldn’t get up, go to work, and not get pictures of myself in the snow! So I had to get my coworker Jean to snap a few photos for me. Thank god here’s a photographer so my photos came out pretty nice if I say so myself! IMG_7332 Everyday I get advice from different people on how to make this site even better than it already is, who to talk to, who to interview! All those things, I hear you guys I hear you, and I thank you for all the feedback and ideas!IMG_7330 I was like a kid in a candy store, not that this was my first time experiencing snow, but this is still special to me! Lets see how long that positive attitude towards to the snow lasts!

Press Play!