R A S H A D’ S P I C K S ! 25 Days of Christmas Gifts|| D R HARRIS FOUR PIECE SHAVING SET || #25

ED25Who called me a Scrooge? I adore Holidays and the best ones have arrived! MaleCritique has assembled a gift giving guide for all of those who find it so hard to shop for men. Counting down the days to Christmas! So for the next 25 Days you’ll get to see what all Rashad men want in life. I told myself to keep my gift selections practical so I’ve limited myself a price limit. Mixing my Luxurious thoughts, and style. You know I’m elegant someone wake Ms.Taylor First name Elizabeth. I Need Jewels! Speaking in Third Person. Rashad is all about luxury, and feeling good about yourself. Take these essentials, and cherish them; that’s what I’d do!
Coming in at #25 This sophisticated D R Harris shaving set encompasses, a razor that fits a Mach 3 blade, a badger hair brush and chrome stand and bowl. Keeping the brush upside down on the stand helps ensure it dries out the proper way after each use, which will elongate its life. Dawning in a classic green box with the brand’s logo molded in gold on the top, this makes a stylish gift for the gentleman who prefers the finer things in life, like you know.. Me! Except I don’t shave! So for all the men who deals with this on a daily! Your Welcome!Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 9.02.50 PM