Product Report; Viktor&Rolf “SpiceBomb”


Look At Me Providing You With The Things I Love! What Am I Going To Have For Myself, But No Let’s Share Rashad. SpiceBomb Is Amazing, Let Me Rephrase That “Viktor&Rolf” Themselves Are Amazing! I tried this scent on.. on my way to Work one morning. I Just had to stop in Sephora, to smell what I’ve been hearing about, and I’m here to attest to the truth about this Fragrance. Amazing I Sprayed it on, and left I didn’t have time for the horrible line that was awaiting downstairs I had to get to work on time. Ranging from 85-$145 depending on the size.

Sidenote; Get Into The Design Of This Bottle.. “Bomb” Giving You A “Grenade” Look! Details Details!