Isabel Marant x H&M Collaboration Debuts

Making it’s debut into select H&M stores around the world tomorrow November 14th, 2013. This collection is getting tons of rave right about now. There’s so much to this collection more for the women of course, but isn’t that always the case in this world we call fashion? Is that why men are really starting to public shop in the women’s section without doubt? Although this collection may be a bit too flamboyant if you’re trying to shop in the women’s section the men have been gifted quite a few good pieces too. I went through the lookbook from the mens section, and picked out my favorite pieces, and grouped them together for you. Pretty much how I would wear the collection, but you don’t have to follow my lead, you know I’m simple. With Prices ranging from $35-$350 for men. It’s a piece in there for just about every bank account.
Leather is still trending, and you know what I’ve caught on a tad, but I really do like those Leather pants, that’s the item that will cost you $350 from this collection, at least we know its real huh? IM3
Tis the season for Knitwear “depending on your location” If you’re up north yes, if you’re in Florida! NO! I’ve taken a huge liking to this particular Knitwear. I really like it, I think it’s the combination of colors, and the almost tribal look that it has going on that has me hooked. I’m not sure what is it about these jeans I like them, and then again I don’t like them. I’m not big on having prints on my pants unless the whole pant is a print, but maybe that’s me just being Rashad! IM1 Nice & Simple this look! Not too much to say about it at all, but this shirt is the cheapest item on the list! $35 You Want Isabel, You better get her for the LOW!IM4 I genuinely adore this sweater it reminds me of static, except in this case the static is red. I like it though. I’m not one for repeating, but I think this would become a favorite in my closet, so I might find myself throwing on it just whenever I don’t feel like looking for anything. I like the motor biker detailing on the pants that I’ve grouped with this sweater. IM5 Giving me Alexander Wang feel all day & night. I like this minimalistic look that is going on right here, and these two are motor bike pants, but their white! Watch those sell like Hot Cakes!IM6 Perfect Combo for fall! The color is just right, nice dark camel boot with a deep blue navy cardigan sweater! All in All I am impressed with what Isabel gave us men for this collection, because you know she doesn’t usually make clothes for men. Thanks Girl!

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