Blue Denim & Gold

DSC03736 Catch Me In My Denim During My Lunch Break.
Yes Children. I Wanted To Try Something Different, But Of Course I Had To incorporate Rashad into this look. So Yes You get the urban flare, but then I draped my jacket over my Shoulders, and Pow! Okay enough of that introduction.DSC03739 I Was in the mood to shop. I needed a few things, so I headed over to my new favorite neighborhood. Greenwich Village! I had an appointment with Marc! Last Name Jacobs.. Oh how I wish, but I did make a trip to all three of his stories or was it four in that area…? Let me fill you in! The Marc By Marc Jacobs Mens Store is by the best out of all of them in that area. It’s more fun! Like way more fun although it’s smaller it’s still more fun. I love the vibrance of the store. The one thing I don’t like is how since their isn’t much room, that you have to interact with the sales associates.. Sheesh I like to shop in peace, and not be watched since we right there, but it’s not their fault so no big deal!DSC03746 I didn’t travel all the way over there to window shop. Who does that? Kidding I’m Kidding. I’m not going to put you up on game, because that would be too easy, but what I will tell you is that if you’re in the area or if your area has a Marc Jacobs store you definitely need to visit.

Marc By Marc Jacobs Mens Store
382 Bleecker St, New York, NY ‎
(212) 929-0304

P.S The Store Window Is Tinted Red.. So It’s Kind Of Easy To Walk Past!!