We Making Costumes National !

DSC03680Yes Children! Yesterday Rashad stopped by Costume National for Press Day & let’s just say I made some new friends. Think Metallic Cowboy.. We’ll Come back to that later.! Moving on the collection was superb! I don’t even use that word, but that’s exactly what the collection was! The mixture of fabrics in the different garments give the clothes this amazing feel and structure! What I loved most about a lot of this collection was that they clothes had this unfinished feel about it! Don’t Be a Fool Of Course They’re Finished! Some of the stitching was made to look as if it wasn’t, and I thought that was awesome! cn2Another factor of the clothing I really took a liking to was the whole concept clothing kind of feel! Like You Put the Clothes on but they don’t move. “Think Concept Cars” Get into the grey scale number! That’s a moment “Que Mariah Carey” DSC03689
FEAST Your Eyes on this moment! Yes All Hail Costume National For This Piece! Give Me The Glory You Guys! Is this not what being the center of attention is all about? This suit is made from Linen fabric so its ultra light-weight, and I’m not just saying that. It really felt like nothing was there. DSC03687
DSC03686 Remember I told you to think Metallic Cowboy? This Is Why Of Course! Look I’m Giving you the goods right now. Fellas !! These Items Need a special spot in your closet! I know they need one in mine!

Let’s take a break from the guys shall we.. Ladies!! It’s Your Turn! DSC03711DSC03712 Coming in Bright! Super Bright! We Got Neon For Dion! Moving On! Of Course the girls get the best stuff. They always do! I tried to stay away from the black & white especially for you gals, because I know how you love your color! Exclamation Exclamation! You Just don’t get the full effect of the clothing through pictures! I’m telling you that you have to see this collection in person to truly appreciate its meaning! The Structure clothing is everything.DSC03716DSC03715 What do you think of these peach cream heels? I think this collection gave a whole new meaning to Deconstruct/Reconstruct. I’m still thinking
about this collection in my head..Actually I’m thinking about everything I saw in Costume National In Soho Yesterday! DSC03717DSC03713
DSC03714 These Bags.. Pictured In Black & White! Caught my eye too. I love the structure of everything. Laser Cutting at its finest! Who doesn’t like Perfect!DSC03706
DSC03705 Menswear Alert! White has been trending for a while! Yes I know it’s a spring color, but let’s be real here! I love this quilted look on this Biker Jacket! That’s a Moment! This Sweater I’m holding was awesome too.. I love how it felt!DSC03703 If it’s one thing I stay true to. It’s myself, because I always refer back to Black, but this Jacket You Guys! So Awesome! The Fabric Was Out of this world! If you could see it in person. I’m sure you can look at this jacket & from the picture get that it’s no regular biker jacket!

Thanks For Having Me Giovanna!

Press Play For Video Footage