Are You A Golden Girl?

Lately! I’ve been having this fascination with Gold accents. I must’ve been a King in my former Life. Take me to Egypt lets go! Kidding, seriously though I’ve been heavily invested in gold lately. I should invest. Take couple hundreds to wall street, and see what stocks I can get with that. Moving on..Men barely get gold anything It’s all about the ladies! So Girls, Get Set! These Heels are plated, and I’m talking Gold plated Whether You’re The Gaudy Girl of the Modest Girl. I Have a heel for you! Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 1.54.21 PMFirst up on the list is our girl GIUSEPPE Last name ZANOTTI, these BLACK LEATHER METAL-PLATED ANKLE BOOTS are as Gold as it gets on this list! Talk about blinding someone, or being a show stopper! Surely this heel will stop traffic in New York City whether that means on the sidewalk or on the streets.. I’m here for this huge plate! Like this just isn’t fair, Wait! Let me not complain GIUSEPPE does provide the gold for the men! Now we all know Gold prices change everyday, and I doubt it’s getting any cheaper.. So the $1450 Price tag that’s attached to these Boots should not take you by surprise or did it?Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 1.55.01 PMNext! VERSACE she’s so quiet this time I almost missed her! You know I’m not use to the quiet Versace, She’s usually so loud. Maybe she’s relaxing. Who knows, but that does not take away from her placement on this list. These BLACK LEATHER MEDALLION BOOTS are sleek, simple, & sexy! Giving me Stomp The Yard or in this case the concrete ! She Better be a CLACKER Too! I’m here for the minimal accents of gold that have been added to these boots! A nice way to say hey look at my boots.. they look better than yours & for $1150 they better look better than mine, but not to worry I’m sure Zara will have these available next month for those who can’t afford to drop their rent on a pair of boots!Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 1.55.21 PM Have you met VERSUS? The Younger Sister of VERSACE! Watch Out Versace your sister is trying to break out of your shadow! I love a lady in a heeled loafer, it’s so sexy to me. I always think Sexy Naughty Teacher! You Know the role.. Every teenage boys dream.. She’s usually the High School teacher! Anyhow these BLACK PATENT LEATHER HEELED LOAFERS are SEX! They’re Shining Bright, and the inside of this show is so luxe! I love how you could wear these to work, and your coworkers wouldn’t wonder how much more you make than them.. or would they? Give it to them, play it up while they’re thinking you’ve spent VERSACE’s Price.. Giggle in your head, and Smile! No No I Only spent $375. See I knew there was a reason we liked VERSUS so much!Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 1.55.43 PM Our Next Chick! She’s Infamous for her new name.. Because It Ain’t YVES.. It’s Just Saint Laurent! Yes She went through a phrase, but she’s trying to redeem herself, and I think the ladies are going to approve of this change! She’s strapping with her gold… not really sure what that means, but you know you know! Making her Gold Appearance Saint Laurent has presented us with these BLACK & GOLD SUEDE JANIS T-STRAP SANDAL.. JANIS?? Who’s That! Never mind that, but catch this!! The straps are of SUEDE Material.. She can’t get wet.. It doesn’t mix! Saint Trying To Be Good Today. Now her price tag is $1195 is that Tithes or Offering? Or Tithes & Offering Together? Come On Saints; Laurent Wants his Money.Screen Shot 2013-10-19 at 1.56.08 PM VERSUS is back! Making her second appearance on this list today.. She said she’s still the baddest… She said mark her words she’s gonna take your check! BLACK LEATHER GOLD-TRIMMED ARMY BOOTS is what’s on the table right now she said! I wanted to be tasteful this time she said! Give us accents.. like this gold safety pin, that sold the shoe! It’s all about accessories right? Yes, because the safety pin is removable so the day you decide not to wear these boots, take the Pin off, and you’ll still have a piece of VERSACE, oops I means VERSUS on. Safety!! Why is that word such a big deal at this moment, well because these boots retail for only $625 that’s safe if you’re worried about her big sister VERSACE’s prices!