Emilio Pucci Trunk Show x Saks

DSC03634Lets Fast Forward To Spring. Or can the ladies wear their Pucci Gowns tonight? I’m talking about the Resort collection with Fall Weather! Yes Doll! Colors!

Psst… Model Featured Above; Her name is Elle King

Yes Floor Length.. Deep V!
Yesterday John & I attended Emilio Pucci’s Trunk Show at Saks. Darling we’re everywhere! Here I am planning my schedule around events… wait this isn’t about me! In a room full of color when it’s fall on the outside. We’re got the first look at the Emilio Pucci 2014 Resort Collection. The Materials Ranged from Sequence to Pony Hair! Who Wants A Bedazzled Jacket? Pink Pony Hair Biker Jacket! Weight = Heavy, but for the Price that is what I would expect, and want! I Know This Collection was based on every look being able to be paired with a flat shoe, but as for the evening gowns.. No No! Not that you’d see the shoes anyhow, but you know. I will admit this collection is funny and flirty of course patterns are apart of everything, but there was definitely a few solid pieces. All I could think in my head is who would want to get this wet, and why didn’t he design these for men? They said the Surf was up for the Pucci Girl, but I say
We don’t get Pucci Wet!DSC03642DSC03639
To my surprise there was a substantial focus on day wear in this collection, but of course that would make sense right? A lot of the garments are easy interchangeable you can repeat if you’re that type of girl. Take a pant, and a different shirt, jacket, and reinvent. DSC03648The Blazers had a small, but bold presence in this collection. The colors were strong, and things were decorated.. Let’s Talk This Baby Blue Jacket With Jewels DSC03647 Do You See It? Yeah Me Either !! Jacket Is Ready for its close-up Mr. Demille. DSC03646 Obviously the beach is where the designers heart was this season.DSC03649 Sequence for the Night! Heavy, But You Want The Spot & The Light.. You’ve Got It My Dear! DSC03651DSC03652
I needed full length Pictures of Both.. Front & Back! Yes Do A Spin.. Emilio Pucci For The Win!