Thom Browne Trunk Show x Saks


Your attention is requested: Thursday afternoon I won or maybe I was Lucky? Anyhow yesterday I attended The Thom Browne Spring 2014 Collection Trunk Show. This event was held at Saks on Fifth Avenue. Isn’t this we live for? Personal Conversations with Thom Himself . For years I’ve been obsessed with this man & his amazing designer skills! His suits win me over every time. I told him “I’ll be in one of your suits one day” The Conversation consisted of more than that, but Lips Locked! Had the Chance to touch the new new stuff in person, before it even hits stores now that’s a win win.DSC03602DSC03603DSC03596 You read my tweets, and see that Instagram of mine it’s quite a life, but I’m not there yet I’m still a fan not a colleague, that’ll be the day! I actually think the best part was interacting with the Models, being photographed, and being told by the models, and PR Girl that they liked what my friend & I were wearing.

Let me just say my heart was beating. I think my forehead was sweating a bit. I was beyond Happy to be at this event. All the others were great too, but when its someone you look up to, and have being dying to meet
it’s all different I tell you. I even had my glasses off for a few times.. Get into thatTsaks7
Picture Above “Thom Browne” Himself. ! I was dreaming, I couldn’t wrap my head around how close I stood next to him.DSC03610
The room stood quite as I chatted with Thom, and I wanted oh so badly to hand him my business card, but something in my head was telling me that this wasn’t the right time, not while everyone is watching Rashad. Apart of me wishes I would’ve just been bold, and handed it to him, and another part of me is like no Rashad you did the right thing by being professional. Had it just been him & I standing there, that card would’ve been in his hand. I’ll pray for another time though.

Back to the Fashion. My friend Qyn’ce & I were talking, and he said “These are real clothes, everyone should dress like this everyday“, and I couldn’t agree more, but that’s in a perfect world! A place we don’t live in by far.Tsaks9
I was lowkey so Jealous of these two guys.. I really want one a Thom Browne Suit for myself. Save?
What Life Is That?
Do You See This Grin On My Face? When Is That Ever Possible? This Is Getting Developed.. Oh How I Wish This Was A Walmart In New York City!

Take Two Pictured With Thom, Qyn’ce & Myself

Trunk Show Footage !! Thank Me Later