SPECIAL REPORT!! M.I.A x Versace Collaboration

MV1Versace has confirmed their collaboration with M.I.A. Today pictures of the new, nineteen-piece Versus collection are online although I’ve only seen 13 photos. As expected, everything is loud, and full of gold, and patterns. Of course Versace’s trademark prints, and medallions are apart of the collection. If this sort of reminds you of Versace for H&M don’t feel bad I thought the same thing as well. so if you’re still mad you didn’t get your paws on that before it sold out, now’s your big chance.MV2MV3 Donatella herself & M.I.A admitted yesterday, that the collection was inspired by Knockoffs.. you know the ones you see in Soho over on Canal street. A Knockoff for a Knockoff? Not entirely Versace, but Versace Versus. If you’re like me, and didn’t get a chance to get your hands on any of the Versace for H&M here’s our chance to get in where we fit in this time. You know this is going to fly off the racks just because of the name Versace being attached to it. I’m actually interested in a couple pieces myself. Get Ready for the release although prices haven’t been released yet. M.I.A x Versace Versus goes on sale NEXT WENDESDAY October 16th, 2013.MV5MV6