Spent The Day With Thom


Everyone Knows – Phaedra Parks!

Prancing my way through Bergdorf Goodman! I had an appointment with Thom! His Section is perfectly nestled on the third floor. Not a shirt was out of order, the spacing between each garment is very much uniformed. Everyone who knows me knows I love Thom Browne, his suits are perfection. I saw this Asian guy walking on 59th & Lexington by Bloomingdales with a Navy Blue Thom Browne Suit on, and I just had to stop him and speak! I knew it was Thom Browne from the cuff on the pant! Moving On! I entered the Thom Browne Section without hesitation.I literally have to catch my breath everything I Look at this CHECK WOOL SUIT that’s picture at the top [1st picture] how is that not perfect. I may have to start off with a basic Navy or Gray, before I hop into something so memorable, because If I’m dropping more than 2k on a suit. I’m definitely going to need to wear it out! Pay Attention his suits are perfection. He’s the perfect Tailor. DSC02928 If you’re not the suit & tie man. Well today is your lucky day! Thom has some casual pants for you zoom in see right there in the middle! Yes those are for you. Moving On!DSC02935 From Wool To Patterns Thom! Just to feel the material of these garments is amazing! I love living in New York.. From The Runway To The Showroom To The Department Store! It’s Like Style.com in Life Without the Models!DSC02932 I Need This Hanger in My Life. Like Yesterday DSC02934 Up next! This Master Piece! Shine On Me!
This Deserves So Much Recognition! I’m a fan of Thom, and once I really start saving up enough I’m going to invest in one of these suits, but if you’re doing better already Shop Thom Browne here http://www.thombrowne.com/webstore/ & >>>> http://www.mrporter.com/Shop/Designers/Thom_Browne & Here >>>> http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com/category.jsp?masterId=cat202802&itemId=cat411702&parentId=cat413611