Product Report; Lab Series “Skincare For Men Only”


Time To Treat that Skin! Here I am walking through Bloomingdales searching for another fragrance for myself, and I happen to walk past all the beauty and skincare products. I honestly wasn’t expecting to be stopped, but those salesmen and saleswomen are good! I told three people NO, but the last lady finally convinced me to stop! Her Station “Lab Series” I honestly had never heard of them before so this was new to me, and I didn’t mind getting a fresh face during my lunch break. I must admit I was extremely surprised at the end when I looked in the mirror. My face really did look a lot cleaner, and fresh! You may say to yourself of course it does, but No gentleman I really mean it!

Of course I had to get a snippet of this on Video! Just so you all know that It’s Real! Forgive Me For The Short Video.. I ran out of space!

If you find yourself interested in Lab Series & Their products you can purchase here