J.LINDEBERG x GQ Magazine Launch Event At Saks Fifth Avenue New York


Yesterday Me and Rashad got the chance to attend the J.Lindeberg launch event at Saks Fifth Avenue here in NYC! And I have to say it was a great event! The event featured all new pieces on display from their new menswear fall/winter collection, If you’ve never seen or heard of J.Lindberg then you might want to!

Just to catch you up to speed, J.Lindeberg is a luxury brand that caters to mens and women’s clothing as well as sporting collections available in over 900 stores and 35 countries around the world! The brand name is attached to some of the biggest celebrities today in music, art, and pop culture! It looks like the brand will only be expanding bigger in the near future!

But enough of me talking check out some of the pictures from the event……..

IMG_0346 IMG_0347 IMG_0348


PACKED house for the J.Lindenburg launch event!


Also While at the Launch event like any other New York Fashion event I saw some great style from some of the attendees and of course some familiar faces….. check out some of these great looks that we LOVE!


obsessed with his HAIR!

obsessed with his HAIR!


Ran into Film maker Derek, Check out his work at www.Zhetut.com


How chic were they?!

All in all great time! Impeccable fashion, and lots of style!

What do you all think of J.Lindeberg’s Saks Fifth Launch event?



4 responses to “J.LINDEBERG x GQ Magazine Launch Event At Saks Fifth Avenue New York

  1. New Yorkers always have the best style… with that said I’d love to see the women’s clothing they carry as well

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