Product Report; Le Labo PATCHOULI 24

Everyone knows – Phaedra Parks !

Seriously everyone who knows me knows I love a good scent, and I’ve come across the exclusive PATCHOULI 24! Only sold in select stores around the World. I came across this scent one day in the Upper East Side of New York. This guy walked past, and I had to go up to him, and ask him about his amazing scent which lingered, and had me mesmerized as soon as it grazed my nose. His name is Paul, and guess what Paul & I now know each other on a first name basis thanks to PATCHOULI 24. That’s how men become friends! Cologne “Chuckles” Really though I highly recommend this scent. I say smell this before you purchase it though. It’s my taste, but we’re all different, but if you like what I like normally then you’ll definitely enjoy this scent! If you want the ladies all over you! INVEST! Let me admit that this scent is special, and special items come with special prices!
PATCHOULI comes in four different sizes ! I crafted a price chart for you so get your coin ready!

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If this is a little much for you !!! Here’s Something Special From Rashad A Little Hint

Le Labo is offering 1.5ml samples of their City Exclusive perfumes which will be available from September 1st to October 15th, enjoy! Visit the site it’ll still cost you, but PATCHOULI 24 specifically will only cost you $6.00! You Might as well spend the $12 and get two while you can!!

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